The Worst of Two Evils

So here we are again, a nation readying ourselves for a presidential election.  Bantering back and forth, accusations flinging left and right, top to bottom, lies, half truths, misdirecting and insinuations; like many years of elections we are left to choose the worst of two evils.

A man who eleven years ago was recorded saying and admitting to sexist comments, disrespectful to women and actions towards women in most case any other man would have had legal charges brought against him.  Some call him a chauvinist, womanizer, sexist and/or racist.  A man’s arrogance, quick speaking before thought sometimes gets him in trouble and chances are it will in the future.  The man…. Donald Trump.

This same man says he will stand up for America, it’s people and the constitution. 

A woman who over the last few years has been riddled in controversy even as lately as a month ago, actions showing she believes she is above the law, doing this “her way” whether than following protocols and laws if her ideas went against her oath.  A woman who has bought her way through favors and a “pay for play” lifestyle to support her political ambitions.  A woman who has been caught in lie after lie, wrong doing after wrong doing, supported by not only big money but my media outlets twisting the lies verse truth even more than the woman herself.  The woman…. Hillary Clinton.

This woman says she will continue with current policies provided by our current administration which she so proudly reminds us, she was part of.

So here we are again, this should NOT be the norm.  The behavior and attitude should not be tolerated.  This is no longer just politics, it is laced with disrespect, holier than thou attitudes and actions, speeches only designed to give the people, us, the voters what we want to hear, words to convince us to vote for them, the elite, the powerful, hiding behind their money damned the laws we the people live by.

So there you have it, a choice as poor as it is, to choose between the lesser or more convincing of two evils.

R martin


ISIS, US Border, Americans

Let’s go back in time shall we?  Build a wall on the southern border of the United States.  People were up in arms.  Most of the people against the building the wall were not and are not now, living in a border state let alone right on the US – Mexico border.

Yet with their infinite wisdom, ill informed “facts”, and mightier than thou attitudes, these people and all their stopped closing down the border.  No one ever intended for the border to be complete closed, incurring self isolation.  Yet that is what many political heavy weights want us to believe.  They are exaggerating the ideas and proposals to the public, knowing the majority of the public do not know or will take the time to find out the real facts. Closing the border was to help eliminate, curtail the entrance of unauthorized crossings not at stationed border crossings.

Keep in mind, “political correctness” aside, “new “rule of thumb” projected by the political majority “there are no illegal aliens, they are undocumented aliens” aside, the facts are the facts.  If a person is here without proper paperwork or following due process, they are here against the law.  Therefore, they are illegally hence the term “illegal alien”.  If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck….  Illegal is illegal, call it what it is rather than changing the term or phrase, trying to minimize the emotions stirred by using tougher sounding words.  Politicians need to stop hiding behind words and tell it like it is; these people are illegals. PERIOD. 

My opinion then and is the same today, we have Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and National Guard to protect us; put them on the border.  Protect us.

With all the side stepping, false information, twisted facts and partial truths, there has not been a push or urgency to provide adequate  protection or enforcement stopping people from crossing the border illegally.  Now time is of the urgency.  ISIS has communicate via social networks, it is a good time to use the southwest border of the US to enter the country unnoticed.

It’s not to late to push a plan and execute the plan to protect our country!

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Be informed, know the facts, tell Congress to act now!

R martin