They Do It Right! NOT!

I have a feeling right now Kaepernick is patting himself on the back saying, look at all my followers taking a knee.  Kaepernick may have started protesting by not standing for the anthem, but he is not the only reason our young are following suit.

Some parents, teachers and education administrators are also to blame.  History has taught us the reason for showing respect to the flag and the anthem. It is because of the men and women who have fought for our freedoms, fought for our rights, fought for our constitution, fought for our country and the justice, fairness, morality of our fellow beings and fought for the freedom and continuing change.   It is because of what this country stands for and part of what this country, our flag and anthem stand for is the opportunity and freedom to change the country to be better for all of it’s citizens.

Taking a knee or refusing to stand during the National Anthem IS disrespecting those who fought for YOUR right to protest.  You say you do support those people who have died for you?  The best and biggest way to show that support is by the most public display this country has and the display is the anthem and the flag.

There is an appropriate time and place to protest.  Forcing your protest on a captive audience or an audience that paid to be at a sporting event is forcing your protest on them.  And it is not appropriate or respectful.

Marching in protest, leading to riots and violence is not appropriate and it distracts the focus from your protest to the hatred and anger you inspire by protesting in an inappropriate manner.

Honestly, there is no simpler way to put it than: get over yourself, grow up, think about what you are doing; are you really drawing attention to your cause?  Or are you just drawing attention to the inappropriate behavior you display?

Look at the media reports regarding your strive.  For the most part the reports are broken down into three categories.  What is the news toting?  Is it the fact you took a knee during your sporting event?  Is it the fact more and more people are being vocal about how disrespectful you are?  Or is the news filled with the reason for your protest?

If you are honest with yourself, read the news, it is not the latter of the three options ranking high in the news reports.  The news if filled with the fact you took a knee and all the people who are disgusted by your lack of respect.

Radio stations refusing to air a football game because band members took a knee during the anthem.  Sponsors backing out, people refusing to buy tickets to events, fans not so much anymore, alumni immediately calling for students and faculty to be punished, the list goes on.

Kneeling for the anthem is not furthering your cause, it is hurting it.  Your cause is not being heard.  Your actions are being seen and heard but nothing by any means is drawing support for your “cause”.  The words of your protest are being lost in your actions, your disrespect and hatred for this country and for which it stands.

R martin


You Owe Me!

Growing up, at one point in our lives, we have met someone we viewed as a snobby rich brat who was given everything to them on a silver spoon by their parents or family.  Did those snobs need it?  No, but they demanded it and received whatever their hearts desired.  Over time this attitude has filtered down to the government giving handouts creating the same attitude as those snobby brats.

Politicians have reinforced this mentality by campaigning to those in need preaching of sharing the wealth, internet should be free for everyone, the government will pay for your housing, etc.  All of these type campaigns are to gather votes by convincing people they are entitled to these things free of charge.

These attitudes have created the “Entitlement” and “You Owe Me” generations.  This did not happen just overnight.  It has been a change occurring for over twenty years.  Look at the young, then look at their parents; what is tolerated, what is not enforced, or what they demand.  Most children learn from their parents, teachers, coaches and idols; people they look up to.

The lack of consequences for actions contributes to the attitude and breeding of the “me” comes first.  Once upon a time the “me” meant health and wellbeing so the “me” can help take care of others.  Now the “me” stands for give me everything.

Embracing the “me” and entitlement generation has spawn lack of respect for others, lack of social activity, lack of faith and lack of tradition and values.  Somewhere down the line, younger generations have forgotten or not been taught how our freedoms were obtained and how to use those freedoms respectfully and appropriately.

I know for a fact, my family has a long line of serving in the military.  My great-grandfather, my grandfather, and my dad fought and served to protect and maintain the freedoms I enjoy today.  Not because we had to, but because we wanted, my generation has continued the family tradition of serving in our military for the United States of America.

Serving in the military is not mandated, it is strictly voluntary.  However, if you join the military, you are to follow orders, if you are ordered to war, you must go, you follow orders.  You are not entitled to choose to go or not.  This is a risk you take joining the military.  This is what you agreed to do in joining the military.

The entitlement attitude must go and the politicians must stop enabling the entitlement attitude.  If you want something, work for it, earn it.

You have freedoms because of what the flag and anthem represent.  You may THINK your actions towards the flag and anthem is not disrespectful but no matter what you THINK the flag and anthem represent the people who fought for your freedoms.  You said you support our military yet you kneel during the flag raising and the anthem; you are, no matter your opinion, disrespecting everything that flag and anthem stand for.

If you need help, ask for it, but continue to work towards bettering yourself and your family.  Just because you are given help does not mean you need to stop doing what you can to improve your situation.  This is can be a beginning of changing the attitude in our society.

The entitlement attitude did not happen overnight, it cannot be changed overnight.  Teaching respect, teaching appropriate behavior, and teaching to care for others is a start.  Don’t wait, start now.

R martin

Dishonorable, Disgraceful, Deplorable

Join the military, defend our country, it’s people, it’s constitution and follow the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the law of the military.

When a person signs that paper, stands and pledges, give the oath, they are part of the military. A military based on volunteers, not forced, not required, volunteers making a choice of their own FREE will to defend our country and at the same time, agreeing to follow the UCMJ or be punished accordingly.

Two Navy personnel have now disrespected and ignored the oath they willingly made when joining the military. They have chosen to dishonor, disrespect and disgrace the United States of America, and to go against their oath, their promise.  Young, naïve or old and wise, it does not matter, these two Navy personnel broke their oath, they broke military law.

Why did they enlist?  Was it in their hearts to defend the United States, the constitution, and it’s people?  Or was just for the college money?  In either case, these two Navy personnel agreed to follow the UCMJ.  They did not follow the rules, “the law” of the military.

As with any “job” there are rules listed in the employee handbook you must follow.  If you choose to ignore the rules and requirements of your employer, an employer you choose to work for, you can be fired.  Are you allowed to bring your politics into the work place? Stage a protest? No you are not. If you do, you have placed yourself at the mercy of your employer, you must/should stand up for your choice and take whatever punishment is dealt to you.

Ms. Ervin, you broke a promise, your oath, you broke the trust that was bestowed upon you and you broke military law (UCMJ).  It is only right you loose your security clearance and any privileges the military has afforded you. Do not dare to whine and cry because you lost your security clearance, it is your fault. Be an adult and own what you did. You are smart enough to know what you did and the consequences that may result, do not continue to play for public support from those that do not understand or know what it is like to be put in the position you were placed in as an Intelligent Specialist.

If you cannot be trusted to obey military law, how can you be trusted with military secrets?  How can you be trusted to not follow protocols or orders if you don’t like them or if you disagree with them.

Ms. Ervin, you are not fit for duty, you are a disgrace to your uniform.

Ms. Ervin, you and the other sailor who refused to stand for the flag or anthem, need to be dishonorably discharged, immediately. I am disgusted you represent our United States Navy.

The uniform you wear and the military branch you are part of, is not an appropriate platform for your protests.

R martin