The Good In Life, Report it!

Remember the good old days?  Where did they go?  What happened to them?  Do they still exist?

I remember the times when people were willing to congratulate, give a compliment or even a smile and nod hello to strangers.  To see a “boy scout” helping someone across a street, to see a someone stop to help a stranger fix a flat tire or go out of their way to get a person help, is rare these days.  Or are those instances not rare but rather rarely reported in the news?

They called them “fluff” stories.

I remember as I grew up, each evening watching the news with my parents (requirement if I wanted to watch a show after the news).  The news broadcast was a simple format; first tops stories and national news, second was local news, third of course was sports, forth was weather, fifth came the fluff story, and last was the editorial.  The first four, I believe should be self-explanatory however, the fifth, which seems to have gone by the wayside, may not be.

The fluff story was always the good news which seemed to be a mandatory segment.  A long lost love reunited after years and years, so and so turning 100 years old and still out working in their garden, a lost puppy found and returned to their family and of course each story displaying pictures that made you want to go “aw, how cute”.  Where are those stories now?  Do those types of stories even exist?  Yes, those stories exist, but they seem to be either few and far between or the good deeds themselves are rare.  Or is it just news reporting?

You take the good with the bad.  Please note, I did not say take the bad with good, implying there is more good so you must take a little bad along with it.  No, as it seems in the news, you have to take the little good with a whole lot of bad.

Inundation of bad news causes stress and depression.   Stress and depression brings on anger, hatred, fear, low tolerance, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence.  Is it any wonder people are lashing out in fits of rage and hatred towards others? No not really, unfortunately.  Suicide and violence rates are up… way up.  Again, any wonder why?  No not really, unfortunately.  Do not! even try to say I am minimizing suicide or violence, I am not!

What is the majority cause of suicide? Depression.  Granted the reason for depression could be caused by many factors, however I venture to say, all of the depressing news does not help.  All of the violence in the news does not help either.

When was the last time you watched the news, read a newspaper, or an article online?  Remember what was about?  Was it good or bad?  Depressing or uplifting?  Or was it one of those “geez, not again”.

From here on out, I promise to do my part.  I will blog about at least one “fluff” piece before I blog about any bad news or media hype.  I will tweet at least one fluffy, feel good, aw so cute tweet before and after any bad tweet I make.

Here is what I do now to promote a feel good day.  I smile.  When I go shopping, I smile at people, at least five; that’s right, complete strangers get a smile from me.  I tune out of my own little world and pay attention to the people around me and smile.  Think that’s silly, right?  Think it doesn’t make a difference?  It does.  I’ve seen it make a difference.  Try.  Give it time, smile at enough people and you might even have someone smile back and say thank you.

People in general need to stop being so self-absorbed they don’t see what is going on around them.  Someone drops something when they have their hands full, bend over and pick it up for them.  And remember to smile when you hand it back to the person.  Open the door for a couple who are walking hand in hand; let them go first.  It’s not like you aren’t going to get into where ever it is.  Are you really in that big of a rush?

In other words, do something nice for someone.  It doesn’t matter how small or big it is, do something nice, smile, spread the word of a “fluff” story.  Repost it, share it, re-tweet it, email it, spread the news of something fluffy!