Sports vs Protests–Politics

There is no place in sporting events for politics including making statements either verbal or via actions.

I for one, do not tune into a game of any sport to watch a protest. I want to watch the game, it being baseball, basketball, football, tennis, golf, car racing, it doesn’t matter, I’m not there to watch a protest.

This is the United States of America, you have the freedom to choose, so choose the correct agenda, the correct words and the correct actions.

For those of you athletes who recent chose a sporting event to “voice” your protest by sitting or kneeling for the National Anthem, you have disrespected this country, sports fans and me.

I don’t want to hear about your issues, I don’t want to hear what you are protesting, I don’t want to hear what you stand for, you lost that opportunity by disrespecting my country and me!

Wrong agenda folks!

If an athlete wants to make a statement, they need to do it on their time, not mine.  I paid money to watch the game! The average person cannot go to work and stand in protest no matter the issue (excluding work related issues or stances such as a strike). So what makes these athletes feel the have the right to stage a protest at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a game?  They don’t! It’s called lack of respect for the spectators, lack of respect for other athletes and lack of respect for the sport and the opportunity they are give to play said sport.

These protesting athletes think they have the right to interrupt my time to relax and enjoy a sporting event, they think they have the right to force their issues upon me.  They don’t! These athletes are teaching people it is okay to disrespect others.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I disagree with their plight, I’m saying there is an appropriate time and place, choose it wisely. Forcing their issues/cause does not make me want to listen and side or help them, it makes me want to tune them out until the sporting event begins. And in some cases, I will/have get up and walk out.

Protest in a positive way!

I agree we all have the freedom to protest, to air our opinions and our grievances but do it in a positive manner. If you give a speech cussing and belittling people, you will not get as much support as you would if done in a positive manner.  Think of it as a debate or giving an oral report. You are trying to persuade people to side with you and take up your cause. Positive actions create positive feedback and supporters. Negative actions create anger, bad feelings, less support and it distracts from your “fight” to bring about change in a positive way.

If your group of protesters start a riot, the riot becomes the issue, not the reason for protest. If your protest is forced upon someone, they will not support you, they will be angered by your actions.

Be respectful!

If you as a protest are respectful, more people will listen you and the facts you state. Don’t lie, or twist the facts to your benefit, respect your audience enough to be straight forward and honest. Your actions as well as your words, need to be respectful to everyone involved; fellow protesters as well as your audience.

A protest does not give anyone the right to be disrespectful. Is it common to be disrespectful? Yes, unfortunately even more so than it was five years ago. Do not disrespect traditions, protocols (such as standing and placing your right hand over your heart for the national anthem and pledge of allegiance), if you are out of the country or at an event where another country’s anthem is playing, be respectful and stand.

Think about it!

If someone approaches you to discuss an issue, a new law, better pay, equal rights, etc. who are you going to actually stop and listen too?  The person that is yelling and screaming obscenities, the person who is being disrespectful to you or your country or the person that calmly, politely explains their plight? I for one, will listen respectfully to the person that is respectful and polite.

Teach respect!

One of the major issues this country has right now is the lack of respect for individuals and their rights. Violence promotes more violence, be the “bigger man” don’t cuss back, stay calm, be respectful. People will accomplish more by showing respect, being calm and being polite. Others will learn from your actions. If you want people to treat you with respect, shouldn’t you show them respect?


R martin