Maymont Mansion, Richmond, VA

This is not just a historic site. 

The Maymont Mansion is much the way it was when the original owners passed away and left the mansion to the city of Richmond 1925.  Whether you are a history buff, someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, a collector of antiques or love elegance, the Maymont Mansion tour is a must!  The grounds sport several gardens with plants dating back to the late 1800’s making Maymont Mansion park awesome!

With 100 acres to explore I recommend planning on spending the whole day. A lot of walking is involved but there are plenty of open fields and benches here and there to take a break if you need to.  If you are not up for a lot of walking, there are several parking lots located around the park to get you close as possible to your desired entrance.

Sounds expensive?  It’s not!  Upon entering the park, there is a request for a donation, a suggestion of $5 per person.  The same donation is suggested for touring inside the Maymont Mansion.
This is not a historical site as with many places in VA; it is not the site of a major Civil War battle or the home of a former president.  The mansion was one of the first homes in the state with electricity and indoor plumbing and was built in the late 1800’s.  The mansion contains original furniture, fixtures, china, clothing; not items that were brought in because they were popular for the era and may have been used by the Dooleys (original owners/builders).  To me that is a big part of what made the experience so great.  We were looking at items from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s that were actually used by the Dooleys.

Being of great wealth, the Dooleys had access to items only societies elite could afford.  The craftsmanship of all the wood work, done by hand (remember the era) and hand paintings on the ceilings are unbelievable.  Even our 10 year old granddaughter was amazed and extremely intrigued by the tour and information give to us by Susan S. our tour guide.

The park is a work of art in itself.  Cement pillars and blocks, cobble stone, numerous water features, and gazebos; exotic trees, bushes, flowers and herbs throughout the park even including a rose bush planted in 1911.  Most of the plant life were brought into the country by the Dooleys from many of their trips to Europe.  We are talking plants, not just trees over 100 years old!

And don’t forget to stop by the petting zoo for the kids. Plus there are a few outbuildings including the stables and carriage house.

Remember, to tour the mansion!  You have to sign up in the little gift shop in the basement of the mansion.  Also, once you spend the time exploring, think about donating again.  It is very inexpensive yet loaded with information, entertainment, and breath taking sites.  Visiting Maymont Mansion and park was the best we experienced during our VA vacation.