Trump Won, Are You Packed?

If Trump wins, I’m going to do this or that or the next thing.  Many quotes from celebrities, actors, sports stars, politicians, you know, the high profile, outspoken, snotty, Clinton supporters encouraging the entitlement generation.  Granted, many Trump supporters said the same thing, however, they are not in question since Trump DID win.

How many of these high profile people have moved?  Or in the process of moving?  Was all of that talk suppose to be a threat?  Do these individuals really believe they are “all that” that their threat to leave would really make a difference?  Well, obviously it didn’t so get over yourself and leave already!  Oh wait, that’s right, several of those high and mighty individuals have already reneged on their promise to leave the country should Trump win the election.

Some of these people have said, “I already own a house in England, Spain, France, Italy, etc. So I am prepared to leave as soon as Trump is elected.  Again, where are you now; still packing?  Bought your tickets yet?  Or was it all just an idle threat?

Get over it… err, yourself.

Well, Trump won; are you packed?

Lena Dunham said she knows of a lovely house in Vancouver, BC which would become her new home.  When?  Or will she back out?

Amy Schumer said she would move to Spain if Trump won.  He did, but did Amy move yet?  How’s your Spanish?

Chelsea Handler said she already has a plan and in fact according to her, she has already bought a place in another country.  Are the moving vans loaded yet?  Is your passport current and do you have correct documentation to live in whatever country you promised to move to?

At least Whoopi Goldberg left the possibility open-ended saying “maybe” she would move.  I personally hope she does not.  Why you ask?  I have respect for Whoopi.  I don’t agree with some of her views, but when she is not on a rampage, if you actually listen to her, her statements, thoughts, ideas should at the least make you think.  That is, if you have an open mind.  Therefore, I hope she does not leave, but becomes more of a public speaker/activist regarding topics that are wrong AND right in this country. 

In closing:

I hope those people threatening to leave this country because Donald Trump is now our President-elect, actually leave.  Those people are not part of the solution in bettering our country, those people have become part of the problem.  Just because they didn’t get their own way so they are going to leave, they are going to give up on this country, they are quitters.  It’s like a little kid playing a game, loosing then running home to mommy because they lost and didn’t get their own way.

This country is in dire need of reform.  To make this country great again, positive reform will only come from all sides of the aisle, republican, democrat,  independents; everyone needs to work together, with an open mind and ask themselves what is best for this country.  And then follow through and support the best ideas for rebuilding, reforming and changing this country to be great again.



Weiner, Hillary and the FBI

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just a sham.  While investigating Anthony Weiner, the FBI confiscated his laptop and his soon to be ex-wife’s laptop.  Trying to regain trust and save face, FBI Director Comey notified congress the email probe against Secretary Hillary Clinton has been reopened.

Why? Is there a connection between Weiner’s emails and Clinton’s emails?  Is there a connection between Weiner’s wife – Huma Abedin Secretary Clinton’s former Deputy Chief of Staff. No, well, nothing confirmed but…. Director Comey thought he should be prudent and notified congress.  However, at the time Comey’s memo was sent, there had not been a review of Weiner’s and Abedin’s emails.

Comey says….

“At the same time, however, given that we do not know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails, I don’t want to create a misleading impression,”.  Meaning although the FBI found emails on Weiner’s and Abedin’s laptops, Director Comey does not what to give the impression there is anything wrong with the email nor connected in any way, shape or formal to Secretary Clinton.  So why reopen the investigation into the Clinton email server and use at this point?  Director Comey is trying to save face.

No he does not want to “create a misleading impression” what he wants to create is an impression or illusion his handling of the original investigation of Secretary Clinton was not a pay to play, or a favor for a friend.

Director Comey is only worried about himself, not the public nor the truth.  He is only trying to appear nonpartisan and not under the Clinton Mafia.  It is well-known Comey IS a strong supporter of Secretary Clinton.

Today’s public announcement regarding Director Comey’s memo is nothing more than trying to appear he has no favoritism or alliance with Her Highness Secretary Clinton and her corrupt followers.

Folks, it’s just smoke and mirrors.

It is not just Secretary Clinton that is corrupt and “above the law”.  We are talking about heads of government departments including the FBI, DOJ, and congressional elected officials.

IF what Director Comey says is true, a concern there maybe emails containing classified documents, why not suspend Clinton’s security clearance?  As what should have been done during the original investigation.  Why?  Because this time it is too early to know if there is any breach of security in the subject emails.

Director Comey is trying to save his job.  It has been suggested Comey originally blind sided the first investigation to the benefit of Secretary Clinton which in turn would ensure his position as Director of the FBI.  Showing favoritism towards Clinton, who some believe was a shoe-in for President would guarantee his position however, the polls are to close to tell for sure who will be our next President.  So Comey is playing both sides, trying to show there is a chance of impropriety with some of Abedin’s emails, going public and out of normal protocols notified congress.  Comey is trying to save his job; by going public regarding reopening the Clinton investigation he hopes to gain a visible show of supporting the law not a candidate incase Trump wins the election.


The Good In Life, Report it!

Remember the good old days?  Where did they go?  What happened to them?  Do they still exist?

I remember the times when people were willing to congratulate, give a compliment or even a smile and nod hello to strangers.  To see a “boy scout” helping someone across a street, to see a someone stop to help a stranger fix a flat tire or go out of their way to get a person help, is rare these days.  Or are those instances not rare but rather rarely reported in the news?

They called them “fluff” stories.

I remember as I grew up, each evening watching the news with my parents (requirement if I wanted to watch a show after the news).  The news broadcast was a simple format; first tops stories and national news, second was local news, third of course was sports, forth was weather, fifth came the fluff story, and last was the editorial.  The first four, I believe should be self-explanatory however, the fifth, which seems to have gone by the wayside, may not be.

The fluff story was always the good news which seemed to be a mandatory segment.  A long lost love reunited after years and years, so and so turning 100 years old and still out working in their garden, a lost puppy found and returned to their family and of course each story displaying pictures that made you want to go “aw, how cute”.  Where are those stories now?  Do those types of stories even exist?  Yes, those stories exist, but they seem to be either few and far between or the good deeds themselves are rare.  Or is it just news reporting?

You take the good with the bad.  Please note, I did not say take the bad with good, implying there is more good so you must take a little bad along with it.  No, as it seems in the news, you have to take the little good with a whole lot of bad.

Inundation of bad news causes stress and depression.   Stress and depression brings on anger, hatred, fear, low tolerance, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence.  Is it any wonder people are lashing out in fits of rage and hatred towards others? No not really, unfortunately.  Suicide and violence rates are up… way up.  Again, any wonder why?  No not really, unfortunately.  Do not! even try to say I am minimizing suicide or violence, I am not!

What is the majority cause of suicide? Depression.  Granted the reason for depression could be caused by many factors, however I venture to say, all of the depressing news does not help.  All of the violence in the news does not help either.

When was the last time you watched the news, read a newspaper, or an article online?  Remember what was about?  Was it good or bad?  Depressing or uplifting?  Or was it one of those “geez, not again”.

From here on out, I promise to do my part.  I will blog about at least one “fluff” piece before I blog about any bad news or media hype.  I will tweet at least one fluffy, feel good, aw so cute tweet before and after any bad tweet I make.

Here is what I do now to promote a feel good day.  I smile.  When I go shopping, I smile at people, at least five; that’s right, complete strangers get a smile from me.  I tune out of my own little world and pay attention to the people around me and smile.  Think that’s silly, right?  Think it doesn’t make a difference?  It does.  I’ve seen it make a difference.  Try.  Give it time, smile at enough people and you might even have someone smile back and say thank you.

People in general need to stop being so self-absorbed they don’t see what is going on around them.  Someone drops something when they have their hands full, bend over and pick it up for them.  And remember to smile when you hand it back to the person.  Open the door for a couple who are walking hand in hand; let them go first.  It’s not like you aren’t going to get into where ever it is.  Are you really in that big of a rush?

In other words, do something nice for someone.  It doesn’t matter how small or big it is, do something nice, smile, spread the word of a “fluff” story.  Repost it, share it, re-tweet it, email it, spread the news of something fluffy!


They Do It Right! NOT!

I have a feeling right now Kaepernick is patting himself on the back saying, look at all my followers taking a knee.  Kaepernick may have started protesting by not standing for the anthem, but he is not the only reason our young are following suit.

Some parents, teachers and education administrators are also to blame.  History has taught us the reason for showing respect to the flag and the anthem. It is because of the men and women who have fought for our freedoms, fought for our rights, fought for our constitution, fought for our country and the justice, fairness, morality of our fellow beings and fought for the freedom and continuing change.   It is because of what this country stands for and part of what this country, our flag and anthem stand for is the opportunity and freedom to change the country to be better for all of it’s citizens.

Taking a knee or refusing to stand during the National Anthem IS disrespecting those who fought for YOUR right to protest.  You say you do support those people who have died for you?  The best and biggest way to show that support is by the most public display this country has and the display is the anthem and the flag.

There is an appropriate time and place to protest.  Forcing your protest on a captive audience or an audience that paid to be at a sporting event is forcing your protest on them.  And it is not appropriate or respectful.

Marching in protest, leading to riots and violence is not appropriate and it distracts the focus from your protest to the hatred and anger you inspire by protesting in an inappropriate manner.

Honestly, there is no simpler way to put it than: get over yourself, grow up, think about what you are doing; are you really drawing attention to your cause?  Or are you just drawing attention to the inappropriate behavior you display?

Look at the media reports regarding your strive.  For the most part the reports are broken down into three categories.  What is the news toting?  Is it the fact you took a knee during your sporting event?  Is it the fact more and more people are being vocal about how disrespectful you are?  Or is the news filled with the reason for your protest?

If you are honest with yourself, read the news, it is not the latter of the three options ranking high in the news reports.  The news if filled with the fact you took a knee and all the people who are disgusted by your lack of respect.

Radio stations refusing to air a football game because band members took a knee during the anthem.  Sponsors backing out, people refusing to buy tickets to events, fans not so much anymore, alumni immediately calling for students and faculty to be punished, the list goes on.

Kneeling for the anthem is not furthering your cause, it is hurting it.  Your cause is not being heard.  Your actions are being seen and heard but nothing by any means is drawing support for your “cause”.  The words of your protest are being lost in your actions, your disrespect and hatred for this country and for which it stands.

R martin

Walmart Refused

In the latest jab against Law Enforcement, three Walmart employees REFUSED to decorate a cake ordered by a customer. The cake was ordered by the daughter of a retiring police officer. The daughter wanted to show how proud she is of her Dad. And that is a big deal!

Emergency responders, police, firefighters, medical responders, knowing they have the support of their family, friends and community, goes a long way. The support makes a sometimes thankless job more bearable. The job is not really just a job, it’s a way of life. These responders are never “off duty”. Depending upon the size/scope of emergency, “off duty” responders can be called in at any time. Walking down the street, doing normal every day runs to the store, responders will respond, jump to action if they are needed whether they are on the clock or not.

Out shopping and a parent suddenly is missing one of their children, an “off duty” responder will step in to help. A day at the park with family and someone yells for help, “off duty” responders will step in to help. Off duty? Never, not really.

The cake design

The daughter of the retiring police officer showed the Walmart cake decorator employee a picture of how she wanted the cake decorated. The picture was of the United States flag, in black and white with a thin blue line through it (it has become noted for showing support to law enforcement).

Reason for refusal

The cake decorator(s) stated they would not make the cake because it is “racist”. Racist? The cake is not racist, it is showing the support of law enforcement!  Does that mean the flag/banner of Black Lives Matter is racist?

If a customer came in requesting a cake decorated to mimic the flag for the KKK, I would understand the refusal. A decorating of that type would be viewed as racist. It would stand for white supremacy, degrading of different cultures, skin colors and religions. It would stand for racism. 

Here’s a news flash

Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, ALL LIVES MATTER!

Walmart’s response

Once the Walmart store manager found out about the issue, he called the daughter apologizing for the treatment she received at the store. He assured her Walmart would make the cake and give her a gift card. However, when the manager told the three cake decorating employees they were to make the cake – decorate it the way the customer wanted, they refused.  Yes, they REFUSED to do what their boss told them.

In a pinch, the manager did his best and decorated the cake himself. No offense to the manager, but….. I give you serious kudos for trying to resolve the issue with the customer, however, please stay with managing the store, not decorating cakes (until you get more practice and experience). Seriously, kudos for trying!

My experience

Years (and years) ago, I was in retail; sales and management. If I told an employee what to do, they would do what they were suppose to do. If they said no I can’t, which was extremely rare, I would listen to the reason. If I disagreed, I would tell them and explain they were to do what they were told. Should the employee decide they still were not going to do as directed, they were no longer an employee. Only once was I given a reason I felt warranted an exception. The exception was not a duty requirement, it was a scheduling issue. Religious beliefs did not allow the person to work on Saturday. I did not schedule the employee on Saturdays except for special sale weekends and holiday season shopping weekends when all employees had to work. My employee agreed, accepted, understood and complied with my decision.

Employees need to know

Walmart needs their employees understand, a request from a manager is NOT an option, at least in issues stated above. The three cake decorating employees, need to be fired. PERIOD. Next thing you know, employees will determine a customers needs will be turned down just because they are wearing a shirt that says “Trump for President” or “Hillary for President” or “I believe”.

To read Todd Starnes article, click the link below.

R martin

Cascade Mall, Burlington, WA

First off, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends and survivors.

Cascade Mall Shooting


Second, shooter is still at large!  Law Enforcement is asking for publics help in identifying the shooter.  Please see the link above for news report and pictures of the shooter.

FACTS (as we know them at this time):

1. Shooter entered Cascade Mall, left, in about 10 minutes he returned carrying a rifle, entering through a Macy’s store entrance.

2. Shooter shoot and killed 5 people; 4 women died at the scene and 1 man taken to Harborview Hospital where he died. Unconfirmed reports a witness stated the shooter called out a woman’s name before opening fire.

3. Shooter left his weapon, a long gun (rifle) on a counter at Macy’s department store.  The shooter left the scene before Law Enforcement arrived at the mall.  Witnesses stated they saw a man fitting the description of shooter walk through the mall parking lot towards Interstate 5.

4. Shooter description: 5’9”, dark hair, early 20’s, slender to athletic build. Original witness reports stated the shooter was “possibly Hispanic”.  Updated reports by Law Enforcement state they are unsure if shooter is “Latino or not”.

5. At this time, Law Enforcement have not identified the shooter.  Law Enforcement is asking for anyone with information to contact them.  Contact Skagit County investigators at: 360-428-3211.

As of this time, there is no update expected from law enforcement because there is nothing new to report.  All energies and resources are dedicated to finding the shooter.  Once there is more information available, law enforcement from all the agencies will partake in a news conference.

There are a lot of people making unsubstantiated claims as if the claims are fact and they are not. No identity has been given of the shooter.  It is unclear of his nationality, race, or religion.  Please do not stir the hate by projecting these false claims; it does not help the situation.

The important issue at this moment is to find the shooter.

For updates and more detailed information you can twitter:

@rstevenm80 @MariaKIRO7 #CascadeMall #Burlington

R martin

Journalism, CNN No Bias

Journalism, unbiased reporting of news, events, incidents and note worthy topics. I am not including opinion pieces, as opinion and editorial pieces do not necessarily fall under the ethics of true journalism.

Opinions, well everyone has an opinion, everyone has the right to voice their opinion and opinions are not regulated by what use to be the teachings of journalistic ethics and standards.

Ethics and standards of journalism

The basic teachings (and seem to be most forgotten of late) include fairness, integrity, truthfulness, accuracy, and objectivity.  Through in accountability and professionalism to round off how a journalist is suppose to act.


Apparently, some at CNN feels they have the right to put words in someone’s mouth, i.e., Donald Trump.  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated there is a need for profiling, such as Israel profiles when there is suspicious behavior. At no time did Donald Trump say anything about race, religion or sexual orientation.

However, CNN reported not only in an article but also in headlines using the word “racial” in his comments. Trump did not at anytime use the word racial or any word hinting at race or anything particular type of profiling other than saying to do it like Israel.

So did CNN stick to the standard of journalistic ethics? Was CNN’s reporting truthful? Accurate? Fair? Objective? No to all of these questions.

Once again the media did not represent unbiased reporting.  Once again the media openly supporting Hillary Clinton for president, throws out the race card. Again, as with the “Make America Great Again”, media jumps on a band wagon promoting false statements in an attempt to make someone out as a racist or their statements promoting racism.

CNN showed poor journalistic skills, flat out lied. CNN needs to report the truth, not insinuate or make it appear a person’s comment needs to be taken a particular way when it is not what the person said.

CNN is intentionally making false statements, reporting them as truths in the attempt to rally people against Donald Trump.

Why can’t the  media just do their job the way they are suppose to? Just give us the truth, unbiased, accurate and objective. If it’s going to be an opinion piece, fine, but state it as an opinion piece, not as fact.

R martin