Katie Couric, In Trouble…. Again

Long time anti-gun advocate.

Katie Couric news (reporter?) is in trouble again, because of her “Under the Gun” documentary. Just as with her bias reporting, so was her editing and approval of the UG documentary. Miss Couric admits “it was misleading and misrepresented” Virginians Citizens Defense League (VCDL) who’s representatives were interviewed during the “documentary”.



Documentary issues.

In one instance, questioned directed to the VCDL were edited to include a delay before the questions were answered.  However in reality, the was no delay in answering.  The delay was meant as a way to make VCDL reps appear to be unsure or not clear of their position or to make it appear the reps maybe re-thinking their stance to possible agree with Miss Couric. As stated, the delay was edited into the documentary.  The same questions when posed to supporters of gun control/anti-gun were not edited to included a delay.

Katie Couric admits, in public, the circumstances were misleading and misrepresenting. Yet, the documentary was not re-edited to remove the added delay. Now Miss Katie Couric is being sued by the Virginians Citizens Defense League.

So why the was the delay edited into the piece? The director of the documentary, Stephanie Soechtig, stated it was to give views time to reflect, yet it was only done to the VCDL question/response. Originally, Miss Couric supported the statement given by the director of the film. Now, Miss Couric says “I regret that those eight seconds were misleading and that I did not raise my initial concerns more vigorously”.

More Editing.

The production team also edited the conversations with gun owners they interviewed, which is normal. But to take excerpts from the gun owners answers, not the full answers, to make the answers and gun owners look silly, unprofessional, “stupid”.

Conclusion – My Opinion

As she has done in the past, Katie Couric and her team have show less to be less than professional, honest and unbiased. Instead of documenting the facts, Team Couric has twisted the answers to fit their point of view, their opinion and to their benefit. And Katie Couric calls herself a reporter?

If the film is suppose to be a documentary based on fact, not an opinion piece based on Team Couric views and opinions, Katie Couric has done what she tends to do with her news reporting, not report just the facts, but includes personal opinion, twisted statements pointing to her views with all disregard for true journalism and ethical reporting.

R martin