OSS–Congressional Gold

The Office of Strategic Services – OSS the forerunner to the all to well known CIA. 

Men and women served in the OSS during World War II.  These men and women infiltrated the Nazis, gathering valuable intelligence connecting to many famous and no so famous missions.  Going behind enemy lines, gathering intel and getting out to the proper people, helping people escape, gathering allies and resistance groups, the OSS members sworn to secrecy were invaluable to the United States.

The OSS Maritime division another forerunner, think SEAL Team 6. Explosive experts, dive experts, quiet, sleek, survivalists; blowing up bridges far into enemy territory, clearing routes for troops, radioing back coordinates for bombers.

Research and development section head of their time, creating specialty items for OSS agents; communication devices never dreamed of before, hidden tools in every day items like buttons, suit cases, brief cases, hats, umbrellas; maybe these items were thought inspiring for popular secret agent movies.

The list of accomplishments go on and on for the OSS.  

So why the holdup for receiving the Congressional Gold Medal? 

The law states a Congressional Gold Medal being awarded to a group or organization of individuals (in this case the OSS) the act must be proposed as a bill in either the Senate or House of Representatives, approved by both and then signed by the President of the United States.

On February 22, 2016 a bill was passed by the US Senate and forward to the House of Representatives.  The House has not even voted or brought the bill to the floor as of yet.  The only hope the bill has for passing this year is IF and I do mean ONLY IF the bill is brought to the floor during the “lame duck” session the last quarter of 2016.

I have read the bill before the House, it is not 3,000 pages long, it’s 8 pages.  The bill is not laced with non-related allocations or sneaky laws (like so many other bills).  The bill is straight forward:  Award the OSS members the Congressional Gold Metal. PERIOD. The bill also contains how the medal is to be designed and made; all of which is a repeat of the guidelines already in-place for creating, designing and making of government medals. 

We are talking bestowing this medal 70 years after the end of World War II.  Most of the recipients are either passed away or are over 80 years old; some are even into their 90’s.

OSS members have earned this award. Act now.  Act fast. 

The Office of Strategic Services members have earned this medal, give it to them, now, while at least some of the OSS are still alive.


R martin


3 thoughts on “OSS–Congressional Gold

  1. I have heard about the OSS, I knew a lot of famous people actually worked for the OSS. Julia Childs I think was one of them and also former CIA director William Casey. I agree, they all deserve a medal. Leave it to politicians, if one side says yes, the other side has to slow things down and not let it look like they agreed from the start. This should be a slam dunk and already be done with.

  2. I never heard of the OSS either. Eye opening read. I think the congress needs to get it together and give these people a medal. I like your blog, makes me think and do research. Kudos to you!

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