Walmart Refused

In the latest jab against Law Enforcement, three Walmart employees REFUSED to decorate a cake ordered by a customer. The cake was ordered by the daughter of a retiring police officer. The daughter wanted to show how proud she is of her Dad. And that is a big deal!

Emergency responders, police, firefighters, medical responders, knowing they have the support of their family, friends and community, goes a long way. The support makes a sometimes thankless job more bearable. The job is not really just a job, it’s a way of life. These responders are never “off duty”. Depending upon the size/scope of emergency, “off duty” responders can be called in at any time. Walking down the street, doing normal every day runs to the store, responders will respond, jump to action if they are needed whether they are on the clock or not.

Out shopping and a parent suddenly is missing one of their children, an “off duty” responder will step in to help. A day at the park with family and someone yells for help, “off duty” responders will step in to help. Off duty? Never, not really.

The cake design

The daughter of the retiring police officer showed the Walmart cake decorator employee a picture of how she wanted the cake decorated. The picture was of the United States flag, in black and white with a thin blue line through it (it has become noted for showing support to law enforcement).

Reason for refusal

The cake decorator(s) stated they would not make the cake because it is “racist”. Racist? The cake is not racist, it is showing the support of law enforcement!  Does that mean the flag/banner of Black Lives Matter is racist?

If a customer came in requesting a cake decorated to mimic the flag for the KKK, I would understand the refusal. A decorating of that type would be viewed as racist. It would stand for white supremacy, degrading of different cultures, skin colors and religions. It would stand for racism. 

Here’s a news flash

Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, ALL LIVES MATTER!

Walmart’s response

Once the Walmart store manager found out about the issue, he called the daughter apologizing for the treatment she received at the store. He assured her Walmart would make the cake and give her a gift card. However, when the manager told the three cake decorating employees they were to make the cake – decorate it the way the customer wanted, they refused.  Yes, they REFUSED to do what their boss told them.

In a pinch, the manager did his best and decorated the cake himself. No offense to the manager, but….. I give you serious kudos for trying to resolve the issue with the customer, however, please stay with managing the store, not decorating cakes (until you get more practice and experience). Seriously, kudos for trying!

My experience

Years (and years) ago, I was in retail; sales and management. If I told an employee what to do, they would do what they were suppose to do. If they said no I can’t, which was extremely rare, I would listen to the reason. If I disagreed, I would tell them and explain they were to do what they were told. Should the employee decide they still were not going to do as directed, they were no longer an employee. Only once was I given a reason I felt warranted an exception. The exception was not a duty requirement, it was a scheduling issue. Religious beliefs did not allow the person to work on Saturday. I did not schedule the employee on Saturdays except for special sale weekends and holiday season shopping weekends when all employees had to work. My employee agreed, accepted, understood and complied with my decision.

Employees need to know

Walmart needs their employees understand, a request from a manager is NOT an option, at least in issues stated above. The three cake decorating employees, need to be fired. PERIOD. Next thing you know, employees will determine a customers needs will be turned down just because they are wearing a shirt that says “Trump for President” or “Hillary for President” or “I believe”.

To read Todd Starnes article, click the link below.

R martin


One thought on “Walmart Refused

  1. How could anyone think a Blue Lives Matter flag is racist? It’s in support of police, not all police are bad, most are good. That’s like saying all whites or blacks are racists.

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