Cascade Mall, Burlington, WA

First off, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends and survivors.

Cascade Mall Shooting


Second, shooter is still at large!  Law Enforcement is asking for publics help in identifying the shooter.  Please see the link above for news report and pictures of the shooter.

FACTS (as we know them at this time):

1. Shooter entered Cascade Mall, left, in about 10 minutes he returned carrying a rifle, entering through a Macy’s store entrance.

2. Shooter shoot and killed 5 people; 4 women died at the scene and 1 man taken to Harborview Hospital where he died. Unconfirmed reports a witness stated the shooter called out a woman’s name before opening fire.

3. Shooter left his weapon, a long gun (rifle) on a counter at Macy’s department store.  The shooter left the scene before Law Enforcement arrived at the mall.  Witnesses stated they saw a man fitting the description of shooter walk through the mall parking lot towards Interstate 5.

4. Shooter description: 5’9”, dark hair, early 20’s, slender to athletic build. Original witness reports stated the shooter was “possibly Hispanic”.  Updated reports by Law Enforcement state they are unsure if shooter is “Latino or not”.

5. At this time, Law Enforcement have not identified the shooter.  Law Enforcement is asking for anyone with information to contact them.  Contact Skagit County investigators at: 360-428-3211.

As of this time, there is no update expected from law enforcement because there is nothing new to report.  All energies and resources are dedicated to finding the shooter.  Once there is more information available, law enforcement from all the agencies will partake in a news conference.

There are a lot of people making unsubstantiated claims as if the claims are fact and they are not. No identity has been given of the shooter.  It is unclear of his nationality, race, or religion.  Please do not stir the hate by projecting these false claims; it does not help the situation.

The important issue at this moment is to find the shooter.

For updates and more detailed information you can twitter:

@rstevenm80 @MariaKIRO7 #CascadeMall #Burlington

R martin


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