Journalism, CNN No Bias

Journalism, unbiased reporting of news, events, incidents and note worthy topics. I am not including opinion pieces, as opinion and editorial pieces do not necessarily fall under the ethics of true journalism.

Opinions, well everyone has an opinion, everyone has the right to voice their opinion and opinions are not regulated by what use to be the teachings of journalistic ethics and standards.

Ethics and standards of journalism

The basic teachings (and seem to be most forgotten of late) include fairness, integrity, truthfulness, accuracy, and objectivity.  Through in accountability and professionalism to round off how a journalist is suppose to act.


Apparently, some at CNN feels they have the right to put words in someone’s mouth, i.e., Donald Trump.  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated there is a need for profiling, such as Israel profiles when there is suspicious behavior. At no time did Donald Trump say anything about race, religion or sexual orientation.

However, CNN reported not only in an article but also in headlines using the word “racial” in his comments. Trump did not at anytime use the word racial or any word hinting at race or anything particular type of profiling other than saying to do it like Israel.

So did CNN stick to the standard of journalistic ethics? Was CNN’s reporting truthful? Accurate? Fair? Objective? No to all of these questions.

Once again the media did not represent unbiased reporting.  Once again the media openly supporting Hillary Clinton for president, throws out the race card. Again, as with the “Make America Great Again”, media jumps on a band wagon promoting false statements in an attempt to make someone out as a racist or their statements promoting racism.

CNN showed poor journalistic skills, flat out lied. CNN needs to report the truth, not insinuate or make it appear a person’s comment needs to be taken a particular way when it is not what the person said.

CNN is intentionally making false statements, reporting them as truths in the attempt to rally people against Donald Trump.

Why can’t the  media just do their job the way they are suppose to? Just give us the truth, unbiased, accurate and objective. If it’s going to be an opinion piece, fine, but state it as an opinion piece, not as fact.

R martin


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