Black Lives Matter, Where Are You?

Phoenix, suspect “allegedly” attempts to run down 3 police officers.

Philadelphia, suspect goes on deadly shooting spree, first ambushing an officer and then killing one person and wounding 5 others.

Where is Black Lives Matter group?

Why are they not out protesting Phoenix? Is it because the suspect is black? Is it because the police officers are white?

Why are they not out protesting in Philadelphia? Again, is it because the suspect is black? Or is it because the ambushed officer is black and so was the shooter?

These are both excellent opportunities for the Black Lives Matter organization to speak up.  Why? Because it was a black officer that was shot!  It should not matter the color of the suspect (or the officer for that matter but to prove a point), but Black Lives Matter should be standing up and protesting the violence against the black officer.

I find it interesting (in a reverse discrimination sort of way) a black man shoots a black officer and there is no protest.  The reverse of an incident in Milwaukee that lead to civil unrest when it was first reported the shooting involved a white officer shooting a black suspect. Shortly (a couple of days later) it was confirmed the black suspect was actually shot buy a black officer.

Black Lives Matters should also be standing up and protesting FOR the officers.  This is a prime opportunity to protest against violence against police officers and ANY person by black people or any person for that matter.

Black Lives Matters seeks headlines promotes them only if it fits their “cause”.  Even though, according to Black Lives Matter website, the organization is promoting the end to violence against blacks. Well, the officer shot in Philly, is black! So protest!! I mean it!  If Black Lives Matter wants the country to get behind their cause, they should be protesting at every turn when violence is involved with a black person whether they are the victim or the suspect.

Unfortunately, there is no sensational headlines to be made from a black person shooting a black officer.  It does not draw in as many readers, therefore, not as much advertising dollars and that is why most major news media offered little to no news reporting.  It is also the same reason Black Lives Matters did not protest, there would be few from the public to get “mad” and protest and there would not be as much media attention to further their cause.

All lives matter!

R martin


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