The Democrats Real Plan

Branding, front face, media exposure, popularity, well known, recognizable, are all part of a good media campaign. Is that why Hillary Clinton is the DNC party nomination for United States President?

Under normal circumstances, a person with a lot of bad publicity, and I mean a lot as with Hillary Clinton, this would not be an idea person to be the front face of a campaign. So why did the DNC really make her their nomination? Is it because she is a woman and that will bring in votes? Is it her history in politics (which is not the best according to both Dems and Reps)?

The candidate.

Hillary Clinton has the branding, well known, easily recognizable both by name and by picture, has had a lot of media exposure (good and bad) for over a decade. These reasons alone make her a good choice. Plus she has political experience, good and bad, but she has the experience at some of the highest levels of government offices. Again, these add up to a good reason for her to be a candidate.

Sell the candidate to the voters.  Get the public/voters behind the candidate, rile them up, pump them up, get them to the point the candidate can do no wrong.  Then, because of health issues the candidate, Hillary Clinton, has to back out at the last minute.  The ideal and best democrat for the position of president is…. Mr. Kaine but because he is virtually unheard of through most of the United States, on his own, he would not stand a chance to win a DNC nomination for president. But if Hillary was to back out, the DNC has the option/responsibility to choose her replacement.

Mr. Kaine has already been endorsed as Hillary’s running mate, a good reason to pick him.  Now add an endorsement by Hillary herself, all of her voters would gladly follow her lead and vote for Mr. Kaine.


It’s to late, it’s to close to voting time because in some states absentee ballots are already mailed, in other cases ballots are already printed and about to be mailed. Now what? It’s to late to put Mr. Kaine’s name on the ballots and remove Mrs. Clinton’s. Electoral votes. That’s right, the voters themselves would not be able to vote because Mrs. Clinton’s name is on the ballot. So the voting for president is done by the electoral college which would take all of the voting for our next president out of the public’s hands. What does this mean? Politicians would elect our next president.


Does this scare you? It should. Although the electoral votes are suppose to represent the people, if the people have not had a chance to “tell” – vote who they want, how is the electoral college suppose to know? They don’t. They vote as they please. Could they go by the last few public poles done by survey? Yes they could, but which one do they use? Not all the public poles offer the same results. As of now, depending on the pole you are quoted, Hillary Clinton is ahead or in others Donald Trump is ahead.

In essence, the politicians decide who they want for president. And we, have to live with the results. So where is the “people’s” choice? There isn’t a “we the people” choice, it would rely solely on the electoral college.

Is this the plan?

So is this the plan? Does the democrat party feel they would have a better chance of getting another democrat president into office in this manner?

By all rights, in my opinion, Mr. Kaine is a better choice for president than Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Kaine’s political views are not governed by the democrats “by laws” or rules. As a governor and senator, Mr. Kaine’s political career has show he does not follow all of the ideals laid out as a far left democrat. His ideals and past political record shows he falls somewhere in the middle and at times even agreeing with some republican views. Is he a democrat? Oh most definitely, but he tends to side with and fight for the people and what is right for the majority not for himself or for the powers above him.


Maybe it’s none of the above and Mrs. Clinton is not going to drop out of the race.  Maybe the idea behind this whole election is to position Mr. Kaine in the public’s eye for president in 2020.

R martin


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