Shooting at Shawnee KS

What happened…

Recent reports of a shooting at Shawnee, KS Walmart. As the report says, a woman was attacked while putting her baby into the car. As the woman was being attacked, a good Samaritan attempted to help the woman, unfortunately the good Samaritan was shot multiple times. Another good Samaritan got out of his vehicle, drew his weapon and fired, killing one of the attackers.  The second attack ran from the scene.

Shawnee Walmart Shooting

This is rare!

If you do a internet search for the above story, you will find the story in (mostly) only local media outlets. Most national media are choosing to ignore this story. Why? Because it goes against most media’s stand on gun control.  The story is a perfect example why law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry guns. The law abiding citizens did not start the attack, they tried to stop the attack on a mother of a infant.  Who knows what would have happened, how far would the attackers gone in hurting the mother (with the infant in the car) had these two good Samaritans stepped in to help.

It took a law abiding citizen with a gun to stop the attack.  I’m not trying or meaning to minimize the efforts of both good Samaritans (one was shot multiple times by the attackers) but it took a gun to stop the criminals.

Yet most major media outlets have not reported the incident as they do when a criminal open fires on the public. Why? Because an incident of this type does not further the majority of media cause to remove guns from law abiding citizens.

What is so rare about this incident?  The fact it was actually reported and posted on the internet.

You see, most people reading the story will think “I’m glad someone was there to protect that mother and her infant”, “that’s the reason for carrying a gun” and that is exactly what gun control activists don’t want people thinking.  Oh sure the media could emphasize the fact the criminals (at least one) was carrying a gun, however, most people reading the article will stand behind the fact a good Samaritan was legal carrying a gun and used it to save the mother and infant. 

Gun control

Let’s stop kidding each other. Gun control does not keep guns out of criminal’s hands. If criminals want a gun, they have the means to get a gun and they will. Gun control only restricts the efforts of law abiding citizens from getting the weapon they feel most comfortable with to protect themselves from criminals.

Stop agreeing with all the gun control lobbyists and the media that is under the thump of the demos (which is a majority percentage), when you don’t know all the facts. The media has purposely twisted and exaggerated and flat out lied about gun violence.

What does gun control do to the criminals? Nothing. Criminals do have access to guns, they always have and they always will. Most criminals do not get guns that have been stolen from a legal gun owner. Did you know, drugs and sex slaves are not the only things being smuggled across our borders? A lot illegal weapons (that can be traced) are traced back to weapons that have been sold outside of the United States and smuggled across our boarders.

Yes, some guns are on the street because someone’s house was robbed and the criminals were able to gain access to guns in the home. But most are not.  Criminals also gain access to guns through friends or people that can legally buy a gun.  This action is irresponsible by the person legally able to buy a gun, these people when caught should be arrested (not just fined), held accountable for contributing to criminals and should NEVER be able to legally purchase a gun, gun parts or ammunition for the rest of their life.

Thoughts and prayers

My thoughts and prayers go out to: the injured mother and her infant, the good Samaritan who was shot by the criminals,  to the good Samaritan who shot and killed one of the attackers and to the family of the criminal that was killed.

R martin


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