Patriot Day–Day of Remembrance

To day is a day of remembrance. Fifteen years ago we, the United States of America was attacked with great magnitude. The attack changed our lives, our sense of security and our thoughts.

Remember the fallen, our fellow citizens, law enforcement, firefighters, medical responders, private citizens at ground level trying to help and those private citizens at work and those in the towers for whatever reason.

This is our country, we were attacked on our soil. Do not forget this day, remember it, pray it does not happen again, pray for the family and friends of those we as a country lost, pray we can come together as a country to better ourselves and to better our country the United States of America.

We were attacked because of what this nation stands for; the good and the bad. Keep our fallen in your hearts, thoughts and prayers as we move forward to make change, to strengthen the good and to better the bad.

We were attacked on our soil bringing us into WW II, we came together as a nation and for decades we strived to be a better united nation. Let 9/11 be the fuel to strive once again to be a better united nation.

Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Respect our nation, our flag, our pledge and our anthem. Respect our country even during protests, make it non-violent, make it about all the people, but…  RESPECT our country, symbols and etiquette designed to bring this country together and which represent those that have served so that we may have freedoms in the United States.

R martin


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