My List of Disrespect

I have written about several issues, problems in America. I have written about our freedoms, our rights that are provide for us in the United States Constitution.

Looking back, I realize most of these issues stem from lack of respect, disrespecting others, those differences between you and them, those freedoms and rights provided in the Constitution. Yet how many of you will step up and claim “it’s my right to voice my opinion” “it’s my right to protest”.

You are correct!

If you said any of the above give yourself two brownie points, because you are correct, you do have those rights. But you are not the only one. Others have the same right and most importantly we all have the same rights, the right to protest, the right (and obligation in my opinion) to ensure everyone’s rights are recognized and protected.

However, no one has the right to disrespect anyone.

One of the most media saturated stories right now are athletes refusing to stand during the National Anthem. This my friends, readers and fellow citizens, is a form a of disrespect. Disrespect of our country and disrespect of each and every one of us.

Important side note.

Due to a marriage in our family we now not only root for our state teams (Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, etc.) but also for the San Francesco 49’ers. But this has all changed.


Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the National Anthem and encouraged a following. No more 49’ers. NO 49’ers games will be watched in our house. No tickets will be purchased to attend any of their games. At least not until Colin is removed from the team or forced to stand respectfully during the National Anthem as per protocols and tradition.

Seattle Seahawks joined arms “in unity” as they stood (they were going to kneel but some players protested so the compromise was standing with locked arms). That is not acceptable. Traditions and protocols are clear, you are to stand, right hand over your heart, all head coverings to be removed. NO more Seahawk games will be watched in our house and no tickets will be purchased to attend any of their games.

Miami Dolphins, four of the players kneelt during the National Anthem. Use to be a team I would watch from time to time, but not now. At least not until the players are removed from the team or forced to stand respectfully during the National Anthem as per protocols and tradition.

Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs, yeah well, no more at our house.

As you see, I am not biased towards teams when they allow their EMPLOYEES/athletes to use such a disrespectful action towards our country, our military and our citizens.

Thank goodness, as of yet, no one on the Green Bay Packers (second favorite team) have pulled a stunt like the teams/athletes above.  I know there are other athletes and teams that have shown the same kind of disrespect, but this few I have listed gives you a good idea as to my stance on their actions.

It doesn’t matter

To me, it doesn’t matter which athlete, which team or which sport is involved. Keep in mind, I am a long time Seahawks fan, through thick and thin. I was at their first game, in Seattle at the King Dome. I have been a fan ever since, until now.

I’m not say these athletes don’t have the right to protest, I’m saying they don’t have the right to infringe on my right to a relaxing, drama free, sporting event. Protest on your own time in an appropriate place and in an appropriate manner. I understand what these athletes are protest, and I agree it is an issue to protest. It is being done in the wrong manner.

Owners wake up!

To the owners of sport teams, you have a right to stop these athletes protesting at the start of the game. You have a right to make them stand in a respectful way.  Read the contract you and your athletes signed. Unless you agree with their form of protest, I’m not talking the actual issue, you do have the right to make them stop. The athletes are on your dime, your time, while they are committing these disgusting disrespectful actions towards our flag, National Anthem and our country, the United States of America.

R martin


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