Make America Great Again Now Racist

Just when you think it is safe to read an ex-president’s statement without bashing a current president or possible future president, former President Clinton proves us all wrong.

Apparently, the phrase “Make America Great Again” is a racist slogan according to former President Clinton. With the ideals of promoting business, to strengthen our economy, build character, strengthen our military and to build our nation to a strong, respected country one might use the slogan “Make American Great Again”.

Over the years, several presidential candidates have use a slogan just as this or similar to forge their ideals to win an election. Former President Bush did, former President Clinton did (almost the exact wording) for his election and re-election campaigns and again when speaking to elect his wife for president.

President Clinton

However, now, according to former President Clinton, it is a racist comment. Why? Because presidential candidate D. Trump is using it for his election campaign AGAINST President Clinton’s wife in her bid for the presidency.

D. Trump is using the slogan and backing with statements as to what he plans to do to make America great… again; as we once were, a respectable, strong country working to a betterment for it’s citizens.  A country to be feared by our enemies, a country leading the way to better human rights, equal rights for all it’s citizens and legal documented visitors.

Former President Clinton says (apparently what comes to his mind) the slogan is racist.  A slogan meaning things are to regress, an economy equal to decades ago, a social status structure of decades ago, stating if you are a white southerner, you know exactly how racist the slogan is.

Let’s think about that for a minute.  Isn’t former President Clinton from the south?  A slogan he himself used for his presidential bid and re-election bid. So what did he mean when he used the slogan?

What did he accomplish as president?  A regression in the economy? A further space and divide among lower, middle and upper class? A more prevalent social ladder to a plateau leading to the top where the corrupt, rich stand looking down at the general public with a “I am above the law” attitude?

Again the Clintons present themselves as better than all others, their actions and speeches are more of a “do what I say, not as I do” attitude.

In conclusion

The phrase “Make America Great Again” is NOT a racist slogan or statement. If an individual sees it as such, it is only perceived in their mind based on their attitudes, thoughts and life style.

To me, the statement “Make America Great Again” stands for making our nation strong again, making our economy strong again, continuing to rid our country of racism, socialism, corruption again, and re-instating our freedoms again.

R martin


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