OSS–Congressional Gold

The Office of Strategic Services – OSS the forerunner to the all to well known CIA. 

Men and women served in the OSS during World War II.  These men and women infiltrated the Nazis, gathering valuable intelligence connecting to many famous and no so famous missions.  Going behind enemy lines, gathering intel and getting out to the proper people, helping people escape, gathering allies and resistance groups, the OSS members sworn to secrecy were invaluable to the United States.

The OSS Maritime division another forerunner, think SEAL Team 6. Explosive experts, dive experts, quiet, sleek, survivalists; blowing up bridges far into enemy territory, clearing routes for troops, radioing back coordinates for bombers.

Research and development section head of their time, creating specialty items for OSS agents; communication devices never dreamed of before, hidden tools in every day items like buttons, suit cases, brief cases, hats, umbrellas; maybe these items were thought inspiring for popular secret agent movies.

The list of accomplishments go on and on for the OSS.  

So why the holdup for receiving the Congressional Gold Medal? 

The law states a Congressional Gold Medal being awarded to a group or organization of individuals (in this case the OSS) the act must be proposed as a bill in either the Senate or House of Representatives, approved by both and then signed by the President of the United States.

On February 22, 2016 a bill was passed by the US Senate and forward to the House of Representatives.  The House has not even voted or brought the bill to the floor as of yet.  The only hope the bill has for passing this year is IF and I do mean ONLY IF the bill is brought to the floor during the “lame duck” session the last quarter of 2016.

I have read the bill before the House, it is not 3,000 pages long, it’s 8 pages.  The bill is not laced with non-related allocations or sneaky laws (like so many other bills).  The bill is straight forward:  Award the OSS members the Congressional Gold Metal. PERIOD. The bill also contains how the medal is to be designed and made; all of which is a repeat of the guidelines already in-place for creating, designing and making of government medals. 

We are talking bestowing this medal 70 years after the end of World War II.  Most of the recipients are either passed away or are over 80 years old; some are even into their 90’s.

OSS members have earned this award. Act now.  Act fast. 

The Office of Strategic Services members have earned this medal, give it to them, now, while at least some of the OSS are still alive.


R martin


You Owe Me!

Growing up, at one point in our lives, we have met someone we viewed as a snobby rich brat who was given everything to them on a silver spoon by their parents or family.  Did those snobs need it?  No, but they demanded it and received whatever their hearts desired.  Over time this attitude has filtered down to the government giving handouts creating the same attitude as those snobby brats.

Politicians have reinforced this mentality by campaigning to those in need preaching of sharing the wealth, internet should be free for everyone, the government will pay for your housing, etc.  All of these type campaigns are to gather votes by convincing people they are entitled to these things free of charge.

These attitudes have created the “Entitlement” and “You Owe Me” generations.  This did not happen just overnight.  It has been a change occurring for over twenty years.  Look at the young, then look at their parents; what is tolerated, what is not enforced, or what they demand.  Most children learn from their parents, teachers, coaches and idols; people they look up to.

The lack of consequences for actions contributes to the attitude and breeding of the “me” comes first.  Once upon a time the “me” meant health and wellbeing so the “me” can help take care of others.  Now the “me” stands for give me everything.

Embracing the “me” and entitlement generation has spawn lack of respect for others, lack of social activity, lack of faith and lack of tradition and values.  Somewhere down the line, younger generations have forgotten or not been taught how our freedoms were obtained and how to use those freedoms respectfully and appropriately.

I know for a fact, my family has a long line of serving in the military.  My great-grandfather, my grandfather, and my dad fought and served to protect and maintain the freedoms I enjoy today.  Not because we had to, but because we wanted, my generation has continued the family tradition of serving in our military for the United States of America.

Serving in the military is not mandated, it is strictly voluntary.  However, if you join the military, you are to follow orders, if you are ordered to war, you must go, you follow orders.  You are not entitled to choose to go or not.  This is a risk you take joining the military.  This is what you agreed to do in joining the military.

The entitlement attitude must go and the politicians must stop enabling the entitlement attitude.  If you want something, work for it, earn it.

You have freedoms because of what the flag and anthem represent.  You may THINK your actions towards the flag and anthem is not disrespectful but no matter what you THINK the flag and anthem represent the people who fought for your freedoms.  You said you support our military yet you kneel during the flag raising and the anthem; you are, no matter your opinion, disrespecting everything that flag and anthem stand for.

If you need help, ask for it, but continue to work towards bettering yourself and your family.  Just because you are given help does not mean you need to stop doing what you can to improve your situation.  This is can be a beginning of changing the attitude in our society.

The entitlement attitude did not happen overnight, it cannot be changed overnight.  Teaching respect, teaching appropriate behavior, and teaching to care for others is a start.  Don’t wait, start now.

R martin

Dishonorable, Disgraceful, Deplorable

Join the military, defend our country, it’s people, it’s constitution and follow the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the law of the military.

When a person signs that paper, stands and pledges, give the oath, they are part of the military. A military based on volunteers, not forced, not required, volunteers making a choice of their own FREE will to defend our country and at the same time, agreeing to follow the UCMJ or be punished accordingly.

Two Navy personnel have now disrespected and ignored the oath they willingly made when joining the military. They have chosen to dishonor, disrespect and disgrace the United States of America, and to go against their oath, their promise.  Young, naïve or old and wise, it does not matter, these two Navy personnel broke their oath, they broke military law.

Why did they enlist?  Was it in their hearts to defend the United States, the constitution, and it’s people?  Or was just for the college money?  In either case, these two Navy personnel agreed to follow the UCMJ.  They did not follow the rules, “the law” of the military.

As with any “job” there are rules listed in the employee handbook you must follow.  If you choose to ignore the rules and requirements of your employer, an employer you choose to work for, you can be fired.  Are you allowed to bring your politics into the work place? Stage a protest? No you are not. If you do, you have placed yourself at the mercy of your employer, you must/should stand up for your choice and take whatever punishment is dealt to you.

Ms. Ervin, you broke a promise, your oath, you broke the trust that was bestowed upon you and you broke military law (UCMJ).  It is only right you loose your security clearance and any privileges the military has afforded you. Do not dare to whine and cry because you lost your security clearance, it is your fault. Be an adult and own what you did. You are smart enough to know what you did and the consequences that may result, do not continue to play for public support from those that do not understand or know what it is like to be put in the position you were placed in as an Intelligent Specialist.

If you cannot be trusted to obey military law, how can you be trusted with military secrets?  How can you be trusted to not follow protocols or orders if you don’t like them or if you disagree with them.

Ms. Ervin, you are not fit for duty, you are a disgrace to your uniform.

Ms. Ervin, you and the other sailor who refused to stand for the flag or anthem, need to be dishonorably discharged, immediately. I am disgusted you represent our United States Navy.

The uniform you wear and the military branch you are part of, is not an appropriate platform for your protests.

R martin

Walmart Refused

In the latest jab against Law Enforcement, three Walmart employees REFUSED to decorate a cake ordered by a customer. The cake was ordered by the daughter of a retiring police officer. The daughter wanted to show how proud she is of her Dad. And that is a big deal!

Emergency responders, police, firefighters, medical responders, knowing they have the support of their family, friends and community, goes a long way. The support makes a sometimes thankless job more bearable. The job is not really just a job, it’s a way of life. These responders are never “off duty”. Depending upon the size/scope of emergency, “off duty” responders can be called in at any time. Walking down the street, doing normal every day runs to the store, responders will respond, jump to action if they are needed whether they are on the clock or not.

Out shopping and a parent suddenly is missing one of their children, an “off duty” responder will step in to help. A day at the park with family and someone yells for help, “off duty” responders will step in to help. Off duty? Never, not really.

The cake design

The daughter of the retiring police officer showed the Walmart cake decorator employee a picture of how she wanted the cake decorated. The picture was of the United States flag, in black and white with a thin blue line through it (it has become noted for showing support to law enforcement).

Reason for refusal

The cake decorator(s) stated they would not make the cake because it is “racist”. Racist? The cake is not racist, it is showing the support of law enforcement!  Does that mean the flag/banner of Black Lives Matter is racist?

If a customer came in requesting a cake decorated to mimic the flag for the KKK, I would understand the refusal. A decorating of that type would be viewed as racist. It would stand for white supremacy, degrading of different cultures, skin colors and religions. It would stand for racism. 

Here’s a news flash

Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, ALL LIVES MATTER!

Walmart’s response

Once the Walmart store manager found out about the issue, he called the daughter apologizing for the treatment she received at the store. He assured her Walmart would make the cake and give her a gift card. However, when the manager told the three cake decorating employees they were to make the cake – decorate it the way the customer wanted, they refused.  Yes, they REFUSED to do what their boss told them.

In a pinch, the manager did his best and decorated the cake himself. No offense to the manager, but….. I give you serious kudos for trying to resolve the issue with the customer, however, please stay with managing the store, not decorating cakes (until you get more practice and experience). Seriously, kudos for trying!

My experience

Years (and years) ago, I was in retail; sales and management. If I told an employee what to do, they would do what they were suppose to do. If they said no I can’t, which was extremely rare, I would listen to the reason. If I disagreed, I would tell them and explain they were to do what they were told. Should the employee decide they still were not going to do as directed, they were no longer an employee. Only once was I given a reason I felt warranted an exception. The exception was not a duty requirement, it was a scheduling issue. Religious beliefs did not allow the person to work on Saturday. I did not schedule the employee on Saturdays except for special sale weekends and holiday season shopping weekends when all employees had to work. My employee agreed, accepted, understood and complied with my decision.

Employees need to know

Walmart needs their employees understand, a request from a manager is NOT an option, at least in issues stated above. The three cake decorating employees, need to be fired. PERIOD. Next thing you know, employees will determine a customers needs will be turned down just because they are wearing a shirt that says “Trump for President” or “Hillary for President” or “I believe”.

To read Todd Starnes article, click the link below.


R martin

Cascade Mall, Burlington, WA

First off, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends and survivors.

Cascade Mall Shooting


Second, shooter is still at large!  Law Enforcement is asking for publics help in identifying the shooter.  Please see the link above for news report and pictures of the shooter.

FACTS (as we know them at this time):

1. Shooter entered Cascade Mall, left, in about 10 minutes he returned carrying a rifle, entering through a Macy’s store entrance.

2. Shooter shoot and killed 5 people; 4 women died at the scene and 1 man taken to Harborview Hospital where he died. Unconfirmed reports a witness stated the shooter called out a woman’s name before opening fire.

3. Shooter left his weapon, a long gun (rifle) on a counter at Macy’s department store.  The shooter left the scene before Law Enforcement arrived at the mall.  Witnesses stated they saw a man fitting the description of shooter walk through the mall parking lot towards Interstate 5.

4. Shooter description: 5’9”, dark hair, early 20’s, slender to athletic build. Original witness reports stated the shooter was “possibly Hispanic”.  Updated reports by Law Enforcement state they are unsure if shooter is “Latino or not”.

5. At this time, Law Enforcement have not identified the shooter.  Law Enforcement is asking for anyone with information to contact them.  Contact Skagit County investigators at: 360-428-3211.

As of this time, there is no update expected from law enforcement because there is nothing new to report.  All energies and resources are dedicated to finding the shooter.  Once there is more information available, law enforcement from all the agencies will partake in a news conference.

There are a lot of people making unsubstantiated claims as if the claims are fact and they are not. No identity has been given of the shooter.  It is unclear of his nationality, race, or religion.  Please do not stir the hate by projecting these false claims; it does not help the situation.

The important issue at this moment is to find the shooter.

For updates and more detailed information you can twitter:

@rstevenm80 @MariaKIRO7 #CascadeMall #Burlington

R martin

What is the Truth, Right or Wrong

Say it enough, tell one person, who tells 2 people, who tell 4 people, and so on; you know how it goes.  Next thing you know it is considered the truth or the way it is.

Starting as infants we are taught right from wrong. If we are taught left is right and right is left, as you grow you will call your left hand your right. If you are taught it is wrong to go around naked, you will believe that, but is it really? If you were raised that going naked is okay, there is nothing wrong with being naked, you would believe just that.

If everyone you know and everything you read says a person or organization believes/supports nonviolence, you will believe it even if you don’t have all the facts or a partial shred of proof.

So if almost every media outlet or news story says one thing, it doesn’t matter if it’s an opinion or factual; it becomes the truth in many peoples eyes.

Believe it or not, agree or not, this is brainwashing.

High profile protests, generalizing statements using keywords are inciting riots, hatred and racism. Most of us have heard or saw news reporting protests because a black person is shot.

Taking to the streets, the protesters signs in hand and chanting, have been building ill feelings towards all law enforcement, not just the officer involved in the shooting but all officers and at times towards a race of people.

Protesters have waved signs and chanted “whites are the devil”.  Yet these same protesters are saying they suffer from racism, discrimination profiling and targeted violence. Say it enough and it becomes truth imbedding in peoples lives, including the younger generations.

Are these protesters suffering from racism, discrimination, profiling and targeted violence, in some cases, yes they are. That is not the debate or bases or topic of this article.

As a young child I was taught skin color, religion or male/female, it doesn’t matter, we are all equal. Process of change had already started and what I was being taught was evident.  I have see the change, for the better; I see less racism today than I saw as a child. I see more equality among people than I saw as a child.

Does bigotry and sexism still exist? Yes it does.  Is it better than it was before?  I believe it is, at least from what I see. No I am not black or a female. I am white and a male. My view is not as in-depth as the people experiencing the inequality, racism and sexism, but on the surface I do see the change, in-depth view of white males (at least a lot of them) in the United States.

Do we really want to regress? No, I don’t think so. Yet when protesters are standing in the street yelling and screaming, waving signs stating a certain ethic group are devils, or a certain sexual orientation is evil, that is exactly what is happening.

It is not all whites or blacks that are the devil, racist or preach equality while degrading, belittling, and teaching hate.  It is only some people no matter the race, religion, or sex.

Martin Luther King, Jr. in my opinion was the greatest civil rights movement activists.  He was a man, before my time, a man I wish I could have met, sat and spoke with, a man with a message to many people have forgotten.  Message of love, respect, equality and nonviolence.

Quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at time of challenge and controversy.”

“I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is to great a burden to bear.”

Martin Luther King Jr. marched in peace.  Mr. King Jr. protested in peace.  This man drew tens of thousands of people to follow, protest and march with him, keeping to nonviolence.  He lead by example.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not just protest about equal rights, he acknowledged not all people of any one color or religious belief contained hate or racism in their hearts, mind or emotions.

Martin Luther King Jr. knew, to be heard by the masses, violence and hatred could have no part in protests.  He knew he had to lead by example. He knew he had to lead with…. respect.  He treated himself with respect, he treated his protesters with respect and he treated those he protested against with respect.

Are all whites, blacks, Muslims, Christians, bad? Repressive? Racist? Ignorant? Sexist? NO! Generalizing groups of people is prejudice.

The truth or appearance of truth

Protesters have the right to voice their opinion, free speech, it is guaranteed by the Constitution.  Time and time again we have seen protesters rising up, demanding equal rights AND spewing hatred, racism, PREJUDICE. The same they are protesting against. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Unfortunately, younger generations are learning it is okay to be violent, it is okay to hate, it is okay to prejudice.  It is not.  Recent protests are teaching only half truths, stop the prejudice and inequality.  The protests are teaching lies, it is okay to be hateful, it is okay to be violent.

Again, say it enough, see it enough and it becomes acceptable, the way of life… or truth.

Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I hope I have done you, your quotes and your memory justice.

With respect,

R martin

#BlackLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, #PoliceMatter, #Respect, #MLK,  #protest,

Journalism, CNN No Bias

Journalism, unbiased reporting of news, events, incidents and note worthy topics. I am not including opinion pieces, as opinion and editorial pieces do not necessarily fall under the ethics of true journalism.

Opinions, well everyone has an opinion, everyone has the right to voice their opinion and opinions are not regulated by what use to be the teachings of journalistic ethics and standards.

Ethics and standards of journalism

The basic teachings (and seem to be most forgotten of late) include fairness, integrity, truthfulness, accuracy, and objectivity.  Through in accountability and professionalism to round off how a journalist is suppose to act.


Apparently, some at CNN feels they have the right to put words in someone’s mouth, i.e., Donald Trump.  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated there is a need for profiling, such as Israel profiles when there is suspicious behavior. At no time did Donald Trump say anything about race, religion or sexual orientation.

However, CNN reported not only in an article but also in headlines using the word “racial” in his comments. Trump did not at anytime use the word racial or any word hinting at race or anything particular type of profiling other than saying to do it like Israel.

So did CNN stick to the standard of journalistic ethics? Was CNN’s reporting truthful? Accurate? Fair? Objective? No to all of these questions.

Once again the media did not represent unbiased reporting.  Once again the media openly supporting Hillary Clinton for president, throws out the race card. Again, as with the “Make America Great Again”, media jumps on a band wagon promoting false statements in an attempt to make someone out as a racist or their statements promoting racism.

CNN showed poor journalistic skills, flat out lied. CNN needs to report the truth, not insinuate or make it appear a person’s comment needs to be taken a particular way when it is not what the person said.

CNN is intentionally making false statements, reporting them as truths in the attempt to rally people against Donald Trump.

Why can’t the  media just do their job the way they are suppose to? Just give us the truth, unbiased, accurate and objective. If it’s going to be an opinion piece, fine, but state it as an opinion piece, not as fact.

R martin