Black Lives Matter! Don’t all lives matter?

In 2012 (or 2013, depending on the website) a group was formed called Black Lives Matter. Via media outlets there have been an increasing number of stories regarding the deaths of blacks. I understand the premise; a group to bring attention to the deaths of black individuals in hopes of finding ways to reduce the violence and longevity of black people.

Keeping in mind news outlets are selling the news. Whether it is newspapers, on television or on the web, it is their job to bring you the news and the more of you that tune in, means more views, higher ratings; all of which equal advertising dollars.  That is how news media makes their money. The more sensational the story, the more viewers and more advertising dollars.

Has there been a sudden rash of law enforcement killing black people? You would think so with all the news coverage these events receive. More views, more dollars.

What about law enforcement killing white people? The news stories of these of events are of greatly lower percentage.  However, the actual events involving law enforcement involved in the deaths of white people are more common than black people.

If a white persons is killed by law enforcement little to no media attention is brought forth because it does not bring in viewers. Now a black person being shot (no matter the circumstances surrounding the event) brings in viewers, it brings people to the streets, arms raised, chanting, screaming for justice all of which is promoted by most media outlets.

Most media outlets fuel the fire.

How many times have the media outlets covered a story to the same degree as they do when a black person is killed, as when a police officer is killed by a black person? Or a white person? News stories like this are not money makers for the media as when a police officer kills a black person. Media bias?

It is standard practice in most law enforcement agencies to restrict an officer to administrative duties when the officer is involved in a shooting. Does the media inform the viewers of this? Most don’t and some will state the regulations of administrative duties but only once or twice. NOT six or seven or twenty times the same media outlet will tell you a black person has been shot by an officer.

Most media will state they are unsure of what exactly happened and the circumstances surrounding it, however they are happy to show the viewers the 100 plus “friends” of the “victim” all saying he/she was a perfect, law abiding citizen with a grieving mother and now fatherless or motherless children.  For days the headlines are filled with additional stories/comments regarding the person who died. Stories of protesters, riots, marches, pictures of signs demanding justice for days and days.

Weeks or months later when the whole story comes out, if the officer was justified, he/she is condemned at the very least by not receiving the coverage the incident and condemnation of the office originally received during the onset.

People, everyone matters!  Black, brown, green, white, all people, all races, all colors, all religions; LIFE MATTERS!

R martin